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Currently in Europe is summer, Santiago welcome winter so that means changing of wardrobe. That brings my memories to last year when we had a trip to Buenos Aires and then to London. It's been quite fashionable trip because of character of both cities. Here are the best things of Buenos Aires.

                                                              Avenida 9 de Julio with El Obelisco far far away

Buenos Aires was glorious in 90's. It was really fashionable place for rich people, full of luxury brands and spots. After the financial crisis in 2001, BA started to fade, also most of luxury brands went out from the market. Now, the city is starting to raise again, so that's a good moment to visit.

Argentinians from BA are strongly influenced by europe's fashion. Perfect type of beauty suppose to be like Evita Peron - taller, thin, blonde and with light skin. Locals from Buenos Aires like to mix casual with some touch of formal but with latest trends. Stylish flat shoes and leather accessories are also quite popular there. In Buenos Aires there is a lot of gorgeous parks which makes this city as a place to walk but pavements not made for heels, so again - flat shoes!!! Althought, it's more conservative city than e.g. London so to avoid being clearly seen as a tourist it's better to skip shorts and also like in UK it's always good to have small umbrella in case of rain. :)

                                                                       One of beautiful parks in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires style
When we were visiting some stores, I discovered also many bohemian style brands and really great quality leather products stores. I thing both are great things to buy from there.

The most beautiful shopping mall to me is "Galerias Pacifico". It's a wonderful building with luxury touch, full of great paintings on the walls with more than 100 years of history. There you can find the best argentinian (and not only argentinian) brands.
My favourittes so far are: Rapsodia (luxury bohemian style) and Maria Cher (my favouritte Argentinian premium designer).

Rapsodia embelished dress AW 2016 (I'm not gonna lie - this is one of my favouritte piece of clothing)

In Buenos Aires we stopped in Hotel Hilton Buenos Aires.  I found Hilton BA as a perfect place for a fancy drink in the evening. The huge hall makes it feels very modern fashion spot. The hotel was in movie "Nine queens". The extra plus is hotel is placed on Puerto Madero - another place "to see".

                                                               Hilton Buenos Aires in Puerto Madero, hall.

When it comes to food in Buenos Aires, my favourittes I would recommend are:
  • medialunas - sweet pastry in moon shape (slightly similar to croissands, but smaller)
  • provoleta - it's a slide of grilled cheese with herbs (perfect for apetizer to share)
  • milanesa - in Argentina in general meat is excellent but this one is my fav. It's a slide of fillet meat served with lemon. 
  • alfajores con dulce de leche - dessert "cookies" stuffed with dulce de leche (looks a bit like caramel) 
Milanesa steak with cheese, sauce and herbs. Yummy!

To do:

  • Visit Recoleta (district full of nice architecture) and Cementary - Yes, CEMENTARY. In Buenos Aires there is one of the most interesting cementaries in the world. It can be quite inspirational and relaxing as far nobody makes noise in such a place. Remember - don't go there too late - it's an old cementary so it can make thrills...

Cementary in Buenos Aires where their Evita is.

  • Drink a coffee in El Ateneo Grand Splendid - impressive and beautiful bookstore placed in former theatre. This is very good place for book and architecture lovers.

El Ateno Grand Splendid details (down there are tons of books).

  • Try their meat and wine and watch tango show. Some restaurants offer the evenings with dinner and tango - it's a very fun (and tasty) way of spending evening time.

Some of the pictures are done by my fantastic fiance R.
Thank you Honey :*

Pictures were taken by me and before you copy. Do not steal, just ask me.

Thank you so much for reading!
Have a good day,


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