LIFESTYLE | The best of 2016

Recently passed year 2016 was definitelly amazing to me. The things I achevied already opened new chapter in my life.
Every year I do some kind of evaluation of  the year and this is resume what happened in 2016:

The year started in New York in such a glamorous way (the link to post about New York: and )
 I got engaged (the post is comming!!!), I travelled somewhere almost every month and I did my first luxury cruise (also - posts are comming soon), I get very great friendship and started new project for future. I also improved another language - espaƱol and my health (again - post about healthy and fit tips is comming!). Up to now I've been in 24 countries with plans for more. But actually these are just a few of things I've done. The year has 365 days and each of little moments shared with my friends and family made whole time very happy and full of joy. I'm grateful for everything...

New Years Eve 2017 I spent with my beloved and his very nice friends and french champagne (new NYE tradition). It was so much fun with a lot of sparklings...
In the end I always believe that next year 2017 is going to be even better. Keep following ;)

Check out my Christmas 2016 video:

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