REVIEW | Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

My review of top classic bags in the world: Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.

My bag was made in France in 2007 but I purchased it preloved. According to history, Speedy 25 (this specific size) was made for Audrey Hepburn in 1965.

Quality and Condition
 It wasn't use in extreme conditions like being overpacked, exposed to the sun or scratch but it was definitelly using without being "babied". For such a time I have to say that the Speedy looks incredibly well and beautiful. On the canvas there is no scratches and the bag keep it's shape. I can say that the quality feels very well and even it's 9 years old bag, still feels better than any brand new bag with middle range brand. I think the age vs. condition of my Speedy says enough about very high quality of Louis Vuitton bags.

It's already well-known fact that prices of most wanted bags are going up. My bag I got preloved (9 years old). As I know the bag I have in 2007 was around 540$ and now it's 950$. For the quality even the bag is preloved, still holds it's value and it's completely woth it!

Speedy was designed as a every day version of Louis Vuitton Keepall bag. It comes with size 25, 30, 35, 40. I choosed 25, because I'm not so tall. For the smallest version, I was surprised how much I can fit!  You can see it on my video "What's in my bag":

I use ths bag for every day, casually but not when I do big shopping or more hands-required tasks. It fits really a lot, even more than it looks so I never have a problem with holding my stuffs. I wear it in the crock of my arm or in hand and for this size is pretty okay. If I would have bigger Speedy, I would go for Bandouliere version with extra stripe. For my lifestyle and body size (yes I'm petite one), Speedy 25 is definitelly perfect.

The hardware is pretty strong in gold coulour. They don't really get scratches which is great. The Monogram's bags have always patina leather, which in years get oxydate and the result of that is more and more brown colour. I really enjoy to watch this process in time.

This bag is definitelly a classic piece with a great, long history. From all LV bags I think Speedy is the most iconic one. I would definitelly recommend Speedy. I enjoy fully to take the bag with me. On the market there is enough sizes with option Bandouliere in Monogram or Damier that everyone can find the perfect one for itself.

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