TRAVEL | The elegance of Madrid

Going to Madrid I didn't had any specific expectations. If someone is talking about Spain - the first I hear is Ibiza, Barcelona, Tenerife, Mallorca and (maybe) afterwards Madrid.

Surprisingly (or maybe not) this city made a great impression on me. Royal kind of architecture plus calm atmosphere (in compare to Barcelona Madrid seems to be much more quiet).

Good thing about Madrid is weather - in winter is possible to just wear light fancy fur without being too much covered :)

My favourite places to be:

  • Parque del Retiro - for yogging, walking, picnic, boats or any other relaxing activities

Up: in Parque Retiro - coat: Simple CP evening collection AW 2015-16
Down: Parque Retiro (Museo Prado side)

My favouritte eat/drink stations:

  • Mercado San Miguel - the best caviar with vodka!!!
  • La Rotonda - the most beautiful luxury bar (I love there)
  • Dray Martina - restaurant with exellent breakfasts (dinners too)

Left - Dray Martina dessert;  Right - La Rotonda salud

My favouritte activities:

  • Parque de Atraccones - Nickelodeon world full of rollercoasters!!! My style...

Pictures done by my R. - my beloved man and also amazing photographer

Thank you for reading!


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