TRAVEL | Patagonia in luxury (Chile + Argentina)

Trip to PATAGONIA (main part in south of Chile and Argentina) I did in October 2015. It was also my first trip to South America.
Shortly - very unique landscapes full of icebergs, sharp mountains, condors (the biggest bird in the world) and guanicoe. One of the places to be before die. This is not typical luxury destination - more for high-level backpacking in kind of basic style. How come for me it was luxury?

Let's start from James Bond style hotel with full luxury in the middle of nowhere (meaning far from big civilisation). My fiance took me to Puerto Natales where is hotel Singular Patagonia. The hotel was transformed from old factory into loft style huge hotel with all convenience . Inside we had an access to spa with outside warm pool, fancy and cosy restaurant, private tour guide, art exhibition/museum inside and finally room with panoramic wall-window.
Puerto Natales - lake

View from room window

 Jeeps for hotel guests

 Bar/restaurant full of leather and wood.

Torres Del Paine (Chile) - National Park full of  monumental rocks, icebergs, lakes and animals like guanaco, condors, nandu, pumas and flamingos.

Landscape in Torres del Paine

Lakes with different color each. It is caused by different minerals. 

 Beautiful rainbow near waterfall!

Luxury hotel in the middle of lake!

Perito Moreno (Argentina) - HUGE iceberg in National Park Los Glaciares.

 Total iceberg is MUCH bigger than it seems on picture

 The North Face style :)

Another important city was Punta Arenas, Chile. Exactly there Fernando Magellan crossed  - STRAIT OF MAGELLAN. You can find there even Museum Nao Victoria with rekonstruction of his ship (incredibly tiny for such a long journey).

Also - one of the most beautiful cementaris in the world (yes - cementary!!!) named Cementerio Municipal.

It was so unique and fascinating trip. I always wanted to spend some time with naturę in cosy poncho and simplicity but luxury and it was like that. For sure I'd like to come back there one day.

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. That place looks so amazing! *adding this to travel bucket list too*

    ♥: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  2. you have beautiful photos of Perito Moreno and Torres del Paine. I was just there a few months ago...Isn't the scenery just incredible?

  3. What a stunning place, and I really love the location of the hotel. The mountains, lakes and icebergs are breathtaking, loved all your pictures, they are stunning.

  4. oh this mountains are absolutly amazing! how did you find such a hotel?

    1. Thank you Marry! The hotel is one of the best probably from Chile so it wasn't so difficult :)


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