TRAVEL | Georgia, Qobuleti (Guide for Employment; YE project)

Imagine all the people
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You may say I'm a Dreamer
But I'm not the only one...
John Lennon "Imagine"

Young people, representatives of 10 countries of EU and EECA met in beautiful Georgia to discuss aboout unemployment in their countries and think about solving the problem. One of the results is handicraft business.

About Georgia does not say as much as Western-European countries. This is one of the places where certainly every fan of architecture, luxury and on the other hand, modest life and the beautiful nature will find something for themselves. My first impression was a kind of a shock that this beautiful state is so modest in terms of promoting itself. Compared to the prices in the popular and famous tourist destinations of Western Europe, Georgia seems much more economically and qualitatively "more upscale" with not so huge amount of tourists and really beautiful views.

My purpose of the journey was the project. In total, we spent more than a week to develop solutions and to discuss self-employment. It was extremely important and inspiring time. Besides the host country - Georgia, an ideal place for the theme of the project.

Our hotel was in Kobuleti. The only thing I can say about this town is that there is not going to be for the sights and crazy holidays. It is a typical summer resort where you can relax and take a break from noise surrounded by nature. 

Beach in Kobuleti, Georgia

Not so far away also on the seaside there is one of biggest cities in Georgia - Batumi. There you can find very nice entertainment and incredible monuments. Definitelly must are:
Batumi Boulevard connected with Miracle Parc with monuments: Ali and Nino (love monument which moves in certain time), Alphabetic Tower, Chacha Tower and more...

Very good atraction for short time visits is Argo Cable Car which takes people on top of mountain and from there is possible to see whole Batumi.

Batumi Europe Square:

Comming back to project...
Our finall presentation was done in Elementary School in Kobuleti. Activities presented for children made a lot of fun for everyone.

I would like to highly recommend YE projects for all students in EU and also visiting Georgia. This is another dream place not so many people have an idea about :)

Big thanks for reading,

Special thanks to:

Magda Gajdzińska and Fundacja Inicjatyw Społecznych
Ani Kokhtashvili & Goha 
Leaders and all participants of Georgia, Belarus, Azerbejan, Ukraine, Macedonia, Armenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain 
all supporting organisations
polish team: Beata, Monika, Karolina, Ola (girls you rocks)

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  1. Love your photos! Georgia looks like a beautiful country to visit!

    1. Thank you so much Brianna!
      Oh yes - that's true. Georgian landscapes are gorgeous...


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