LIFESTYLE | Barcelona Champagne story

Party every day in best clubs, hectoliters of Champagne and good cocktails among all beautiful people in VIP area for 3 months sounds like dream lifestyle.

The story I want to tell happened one year ago and lasted 3 months.  I was having an internship for one well-known promoter in this city. In general it was marketing and graphic job, but except that I had one extra task. My job was w including working for clubs image - more precise organising Girls Night Out in best Barcelona clubs in VIP lounge with bottles and sparklings. A few times in Week I was parting with my girl-friends and the boss in quite top style.
It was a crazy time...My Barcelona wardrobe consisted mostly party clothes - glamorous dresses and fancy but comfortable high heels to dance whole night. The amount of alcohol I drinked was just uncountable. In the end I was calling Eclipse bar in W Hotel my second home and it definitelly made my life in Barcelona.
.After all this time I came back to my country. I was very happy. After 3 month of constant drinking I felt like bottle of Belvedere vodka. The time after was to me like a rehab I needed.

Good things - meeting A LOT of people, having fun in really top style and gain some new friends, feel of fancy and posh and in the end you have million of stories to talk about.

Bad things - lack of time for other things. It's not just about organization but crazy party lifestyle especially with alcohol can numb the mind. Besides, it's easy to get blased about 

In fact - it was a perfect life experience I've learned and for those ones, who needs an interesting internship I would reccomend it.

Tips for parting in Barcelona
1. Going to clubs before 2 am you can enter for free on promoters list. The most popular in most of clubs are Shaz List or Aashi List.
2. Before choosing a club again, you can check promoters lista or even contact them - they usually have some schedule with best parties.
3. Follow the Dress code, don't go with sneakers or beach clothes. For mens is always collar shirt plus non-sporty shoes, for ladies heels and glamour clothes. 
4. If you don't know the clubs and you want to order a table, again - contacts promoters.
5. Going for a party take minimal stuffs - never take whole wallet (just cash/one card if you have more is completely enough), no passport or important documents. Keep it with you all the time. Barcelona is a city of thievs and pickpockets and they are hunting especially on parties.

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