Friday, 26 February 2016

TRAVEL | Christmas in New York

I went to NYC in style of Kevin McCalister - full of adventures, unforgetable memories and... Best quality experience in NY. 
It was definitelly one of my biggest dreams since always to enjoy this city exactly in Christmas and New Years Eve time.
In very short way it was romantic-luxury trip - surprise from my love (he knows me so well...). We stayed in Hilton brands - my favouritte luxury Waldorf Astoria hotel. I really enjoyed the time in this hotel, especially when we were going down for a drink. Waldorf Astoria have 3 bars & lounges. We were having a lot of fun. My favouritte was Bull & Bear (the one which was the stage of Sex and the City tv series). The waiter, familiar with polish society made for me my own coctail based on Belvedere vodka and liquer and fruit ingredients.  

In Christmas Eve I got invited for a very elegant dinner and party on the yaht "with a roses and champagne for a beautiful lady"... Such a romantic evening and night on Upper Bay with the view on Statue of Liberty...

Most of time we've spent on visiting theatres, museums, fine restaurants and stores. Days in some attractions, evenings on Broadway and after dinners... During this time I saw Christmas Spectacle, "Therese Raquin" with Keira Knightley in Studio 54, "Die Fledermaus" directed by James Levine in Metropolitan Opera, interesting story "Misery" with Bruce Willis and "China Doll" with legendary Al Pacino... Theatre is a very good reason to dress elegant so always welcome :)

We've been in so many museums. My favouritte one is definitelly Guggenheim placed in elegant Upper East Side. That Museum was many times place of movie actions and of course - good art!
Of course I wouldn't leave New York without visiting places of action of my favourittes: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, so of course - 5th Avenue with all of luxury brands including famous Tiffany & Co and Plaza hotel in the end, Soho area with Highline and Upper East Side with Central Park. All of those good things with my love whi showed me the city with love. Can't wait to come back there once!

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Saturday, 13 February 2016

RELATIONSHIP | Be a Boss, date a Boss and build an Empire

The title quote shown up in internet some time ago and... became popular.

Relationships are difficult theme. Some people are saying, that two very strong personalities shouldn't be together, especially once being an owners of some businesses, synchronizing schedules, making choices "this or that"... I'm always asking "Really?" with indulgent smile.
Is you are already boss or aspiring boss, you must read it!

At the beginning - why is it worth to date a "BOSS"?
1. No one understands you better than other boss.
2. After argument there is always something in common to talk about.
3. The way of treating and spending money is wiser than in case of ordinary people and probably similar to partner.
4. This is not only relationship but relationship based on partnership
5. Money is NOT the main factor which attracts other person but the way of thinking, passion. It works even better than sexual chemistry.
6. Together you can support each other, help and create something really big!

First of all – you must find yourself, do what you really love and focus, just do your best! You must know where your way is going to. Educate yourself, read a books and work on your character. The essential rule of being a business owner is meeting new people day in and day out, talk and work on the network (personally and for business purpouses). You'll never know but once a friend of your friend can bring a friend who will be your dream, perfect match... Quite crazy but possible.

Don't treat relations like a fast food – easy comes in, easy comes out? No – it must be your investition (emotionally and status). It is better to wait and find a real diamond than be content with glitter. There is nothing worse than wasted time. Keep the rule "quality not quantity".
Also on the other hand find someone who wants to invest in you (not only the money, but also invest the time and attention), learn from you, see you win, support your vision and fall in love with you daily! In the end - remember: " Loyalty is Royalty". On those foundations you can go smoothly to the next point!


With person with the same status BOSS you can expect not only a similar way of thinking. Being a boss is a lifestyle. Most of people who doesn't have time for entertainment daily, during the free time they are spending it in the favouritte way, sharing passions. Once you can sit together with a bottle of good wine and have a conversation what to do together, maybe new company, project of cooperation or maybe wider an offer of already existing one? Isn't it exciting to create something really valuable together and then have sweet escape from office with beloved person? 

Story from my life:

Once I have interesting conversation with one man, who claimed that business people are mainly sorted out by others from social life and especially from relationships (it was mostly according to woman). Well... My own comment for that is: NO, they are not sorted out, just target is getting changed from average to people who are in touch with some businesses. The world is big enough to have matching person for everyone. That's my theory!

ELDOORADO Exclusive wish you full of love and joy Valentine's Day!!!

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