TRAVEL | Paris, je t'aime

My memories are going back to the time in one of the most romantic cities - Paris. This city is not only Eiffel Tower, Louvre and centre of fashion but amazing architecture in EVERY corner and many, many secret, lovely places which normal tourist won't find.
I was lucky - always amazing people around me and the best sky above me, so being there I had good opportunity to see Paris from better perspective.
I've visited Paris in August, during the warmest days of summer (like I've mentioned - I was lucky).
In short way it was more-less like here:

*** photos by me - all rights reserved

So let's start from the beginning. 

Shakespeare and Company

Not everyone know, that close to Notre Dame Cathedral, is an oldest book store in Paris. This is a magic place for fans of books.   Narrow corridors, old typewriters, leather chairs in the corners of rooms, old but still playing piano and a beautiful white cat ... This place definitely has a soul... 
Being there during the browsing one of fashion books I got amazingly surprised. Suddenly from behind the door (which seems to be unused anymore), pop out the old but very energetic lady with a jug of ice tea (it was summer) and box of cookies. Before I realized what was going on, out of nowhere a crowd of people around me appeared too. I can only imagine my face expression when I realized that I'm in a middle of the action standing already with cup of tea handed by this nice lady with no option to leave the room...
In every Sunday in one of the rooms, exactly at 5 pm there are taking place a secret meetings with british tea. The main theme of discution is poem, but not only. 
We've been talking about arts, music, travelling and "art of life" for I even don't know how long, but I didn't had time after to go to Notre Dame tower (sorry Hunchback, next time...) but in the end I can say - it was worth to spend time there. Right time in right place for me always :)

Snails & french cuisine experience

In Paris I became fan of snails (on the plate). Right now one of my favouritte kind of starters! Also french food in general is very splendid and delicious. Food served with excellent french wine is a perfect way to have a good conversation and take some relax.
1. L'Escargot Montorgueil - since 1832 they are specialize in serving snails. Of course, in the menu there are different ways of serving snails but the best one is the most traditional french escargots à la Bourguignonne

2. Le Procope - very unique historical restaurant - the oldest one in whole Paris (since 1686)! In the past, many well-known philosophers, politics and writers were regulars in that place. One of them was Napoleon. The history says that once he came to restaurant but he didn't took money so he offered to pay for the dish by his hat. This hat is still in special cabinet in Le Procope. The restaurant is worth to visit also for french food and good service!

3. L'Ile Fottante - definitelly THE BEST ice-creams

Finally of course museums, architecture, historical places and Eiffel Tower in the night.This city is always a good choice!

With a lot of joy,


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