LOOKBOOK | New Years Eve 2016

The year 2015 is going to end. So many things happen in this year that I must hardly say goodbye and kindly welcome awesome 2016.
What happen in 2015? Let's make some resume...
I've started this year with my best friend from childhood - Paula in Belgium. After quick train to Amsterdam and very spontanicious flight to Hong Kong and Macau. Oh yes... That was crazy January.
In the next month I went to Barcelona where I stayed for 3 months. It was an internship but very unusual. This period of time deserve for separate post.
So February, March and April I spent in warm Spain. 
When May was under the name of resting in Poland, in June I went to London. I got in love with that city from the first sight... I found British people as very kind and atmosphere of the city very multucultural but calm.
July was very interesting. The day of my birthday (10th of July) in the night I was lying in Bed with no plan and suddenly a friend of mine Paulina called me if I would like to go with her to Mallorca. The only thing I would say was YES!!! So in a few days I was in the plane to Palma De Mallorca. The vacations on this beautiful island were for about 2 weeks. After this time I took a plane to Barcelona again to see my friends.
It was already an August when from Barcelona I went directly to Paris.
In Paris I have really pleasant time enjoying the french food and all places!
In September I was back on holidays in Poland and preparing to my school and taking some treatment in a meanwhile.
October starts with my trip to Georgia. It was a very important project which I will tell about very soon.
Just after that in the same month I visited Chile and Argentina. Another long but interesting story in one of upcomming posts.
Once November came, I was in Poland, mainly in PoznaƄ in my school with no plans for leaving the country for this time, but I get focus on thing which result will be soon.
In December for 6th of January I took a short escape to Madrid. It was fun and perfect start of Christmas mood (I'm a HUGE fan of Christmas) even the weather in Spain was this days just perfectly warm, Sangria plus some tapas is always giving a good mood!
After a few days I went to USA and I'm writing this post from New York, Waldorf Astoria hotel apartment. Yes, I've spent Chrismas in city which never sleeps in Blair Waldorf style (what a coincidence). 
Now the 2016 is comming. How can I describe 2015? This year was definitelly under the name of travelling. I've made certain decissions in my life which got me to the point Where I am now. I already have a vision and some plans for upcomming year so hold on...
I'm going to prepare my dress, shoes and Champagne. NYE can be just an another reason to celebrate, but for me it's a moment of making step back to look again into memories and have an Enter the Dragon to New Year! In perfect look, of course ;)

Happy New Year 2016, blow the candle on the cake and make a wishes come true!!!
With lots of love, 

Dress: Kinga Luks AW 2015/16
Watch: Tissot Pink Collection 2015
Shoes: Zara

New York
"If I could make it here
I could make it anywhere
That's what they say..."

PS. To be continued... 

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