ETIQUETTE | In Exclusive Restaurant

Business lunch, banquet, wedding, dinner for two or elegant brunch with group of friends in exclusive place? If you are interested in being taken seriously by a real gentleman that is well established with a highly educated or high income social network of friends, then you should train yourself accordingly. Follow the rules below!

*In this article I skiped any behavior related to cultural or region specificity. The article concerns the general etiquette standards adopted in exclusive restaurants in european & formal style around the world.


  • Going to some elegant restaurant you need to remember about dress code. Elegant restaurant means elegant and fresh style. No jeans, no too short dresses. Clothes ironed and have a good fit.
  • Mostly for such a places it's neccessary to make a reservation. If it's gonna be surprise for invited person - at least inform your guest to dress accordingly to style of place.
  • Coats or jackets leave in cloakroom. Especially in winter.
  • Before first course arrive napkin should go on the lap.
  • Once you need to leave the chair before last course - napkin goes on the chair seat after standing up.
  • After last course leave napkin on the left hand side of your plate.
  • Using the napkin to wipe yourself: neatly with the corners of napkin to the corners of mouth.

  • Guest is always ordering as a first, host last.
  • On the table shouldn't be any car keys, purses or mobile phones. If you are expecting some important call – inform other person from instance and leave touchscreen side of the phone down. Purse/clutch put on other chair or ask waiter where you can put it.
  • No elbows on the table.
  • Sit up straight, don't slouch.
  • Don't talk during chewing the food. First swallow, then talk.
  • Always thank the waiter after any form of assistance.
  • If you have running nose – go to the bathroom to blow it but never in dining room. The same with correcting the make-up.
  • If you see first time some kind of dish or cultery (sometimes it happen especially abroad) and you have no idea how to eat it - just ask or follow the host if you have the same dishes. It's nothing bad to not know and you can avoid making show ;)

  • Always start using outer cultery as a first then going to inside.
Plate code for waiter:
I'm not finished (resting/pause) – 8:20 o'clock
I'm done with a meal – 4:20 o'clock


  • Choosing the wine ask Sommelier (expert in restaurant from serving a wine) for a reccomendation unless you're a wine expert. 
  • Never bring up the price of bottle loudly – if you have planned budget you'd better point the bottles with your price range on the menu.
  • Mostly waiter is pouring the glasses during the meal even if the bottle is next to you. No need to do it by your own.

  • Asking for bill you should wait for waiter or silently show a gesture. Never shout through half of restaurant.
  • Usually host is paying the bill but if you are with group of friends – lay down earlier who pays, etc.

Thank you for reading!
Eldoorado Team