ETIQUETTE | Introduction

Etiquette - this word initially sounds like the set of strict rules restricting the freedom. Yes, that's true  in some way but the truth is that this is more important that it seems to be... 


First mention of behaviour comes from 3rd millenium BC form The Maxims of Ptahhotep. Author wrote about civil virtues as truthfulness, self-control and kindness towards one's fellow beings.

During the time this subject was mentioning and developing a.o. by Confucius. Important moment was in 1682 when Louis XIV moving his court and government to Versailles and highly codified system of etiquette to assert his supremacy and it became the means of social advancement for the court.
 If someone would me Master of Impression - Louis XIV could be the one...

Enlightenment era - polite norms and behaviours became a symbol of being a genteel member of the upper class. Etiquete was common untill II World War. After that most of Academies vanished and this knowledge was reserved mostly for Diplomats and Royal families, in other social groups was regarded as snobbery.

Amazing "The Great Gatsby"


For now this knowledge comes back to every day life because of very useful functionEven better than that - in some social groups this is already in standard of life (and I'm not talking only about House of protocol or diplomacy...). For people who are travelling, making business with people from different countries or just hosting - this knowledge is OBLIGATORY.
And besides - Dandy Lifestyle is going back into style...

Because of wide topic - I've decided to start series of posts about ETIQUETTE ALL OVER THE WORLD and in upcomming chapters I will be your guide to get through for all of rules in different countries. We will get through: etiquette in business; showing emotions; making conversations; dining; relationships; etiquette in writing messages; leisures; dress code and more.

Follow our blog - to be continued... :)

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