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Beautiful People (called also as a Cafe Society or Jetset people) – you can see them in the most exclusive places and clubs, on the airports between one and another holiday trip, drinking some sophisticated coctails, having the most wanted stuffs and of course - always looking perfectly. Even they are not trying to draw the attention - still their attitude shows they worth.

How they're doing it?
Okay, for sure it's about money – for appropriate amout of money you can buy the best quality stuffs, hire stylist and go to the best beauty salon, hairdresser etc. But to be true - everything is also possible with investing time for that and trying  to do as much as can by your own.

But first of all – there are some basic rules „The Bold and Beautiful” are following and it works even without special taste of fashion.

"Devil Wears Prada"

How to choose the wardrobe to look like One Million?

1. You need to know your bodytype. There are a few types of bodytypes and if you'll choose the one which fits you the best, it's gonna be 70 percent of good look!

2. Choose good quality materials. The clothes with better qualty of clothes are mostly wort their price, but it's not obvious that cheaper clothes are definitely from worse quality and it's not for 100% sure that expensive clothes are totally the best quality. Brand is brand, price is price but be clever and choose consciously. 

3. Be clean and fresh all the time. Remember to iron clothes when there are creased and don't put on you stained clothes, mesh in tights – no way.

4. However your style is – always keep in your wardrobe classy, timeless clothes  like

LADIES: little black dress, white shirt, well fitted jeans, classical bag like Chanel 2.55, trench in beige, black or dark blue, simple, classic jewellery from pure gold and silver, pearls
GENTS:  most timeless and always on-time clothes are slim fit blazers, expensive watches, v-neck t-shirts, chinos trousers, collar shirs,  leather accesories, double-breasted coat, cufflinks, polo shirt, v-neck sweater, scarfs, leather belt

The classic  and timeless colours are black, white, navy blue, grey, beige and of course - red.

5. Avoid fake stuffs – remember – it's better to not showing up with fake Rolex or imitations of diamonds or even fake bags - people who are having to deal with this kind of stuffs on a daily basis may start consider as a cheap person. Say NO to fakes.

6. Remember the rule: classy is over than sexy - you can always be also sexy once being classy but you will never be classy with super short dresses and boobs all out - cover yourself. For Gents the same - swag is for boys but class is for men

7. Take care of your body condition - be healthy and keep a good shape of body, fresh looking skin - not tired one, teeth, make up, hairs 

8. Behave - no matter what people say, excuse "becuse I have money" is not enough.Your behave represents not only you but also your family and people around you. If you think that rich people don't have to know savoir-vivre, you are wrong. Read a book, educate yourself and be polite - that's the classy people hallmark.

AT THE END: If you have any questions according to this topic, don't hesitate to ask! We would like to help you (remember - for us there is no stupid questions :)
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William & Kate - the most classy couple

Gossip Girl - still in style

Beautiful Anja Rubik with husband in APART campaign

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