LOOKBOOK | Vitiligo - the new luxury

Field of art (referred especially to fashion) passes a kind of creative crisis. Lack of fresh ideas leads to the fact that the scene comes far not shown before "otherness". Being different becomes "The new luxury". People have enough of clones so if you're different - you can be loved or hated but it's obvious that you're special. Like in Katy Perry and Kanye West song:

One of top topics is VILTLIGO.
This is a disappearance of pigment in the skin. Michael Jackson was the one, who suffered from V. The origins of his disease were supposedly started around the time when he started showing up at his concerts with a silver, shimmering glove on his right hand. The singer tried to hide the effects of vitiligo with the help of many skin lightening operations which led to the detriment his health. Nevertheless, in some way thanks to that he become worldwide recognized.

Last year, on the runways we saw huge debut of black model with vitiligo - Chantelle Brown, spotted on America's Next Top Model. Her beauty caught the attention enough, that she was invited to the video "Guts Over Fear" by Eminem & Sia. Isn't she awesome?


Some people see the problem, but the clever ones can find it as a opportunity.