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Spontaneous trip with friends? Best to China! There you can get a taste of the Orient woven into between the modern buildings and luxurious shopping centers. Region of Hong Kong governed by different rules than the rest of China (it's actually the Hogkong Special Administrative Region, which for some time belonged to UK), so rules about getting visa there are pretty different. There also applies to different currency - Hongkong Dollar. This is not a cheap city, but worth the money. Interesting thing is that in this area  spaces the right-hand traffic, hotels there are plug on current British-style (you should purchase previously a special adapter), and way of drinking tea with milk as in the UK. You see, what impact has left the British colonization.

Promenade Tsim Sha Tsui
Besides numerous of exclusive shopping centers, you can see the evening light show "A symphony of lights", involving the most famous skyscrapers for the city (including the controversial Bank of China Tower).

Hong Kong, as well as Hollywood has its avenue of stars with the only difference is that there are the stars of the Chinese. The most famous of them is Bruce Lee.
In Hong Kong was established third (outside the US) in the world Disneyland, and there also I went. It was so awesome... All of my childchood dreams came true! :)

MACAU - city of dreams
The city is located on the other side of the mouth of the Pearl River some 60 km from Hong Kong. It is one of the richest cities in the world. From Hong Kong to Macau sail special ferries Cotai Water Jet. Macau in a nutshell is a second Las Vegas. It is a city full with numerous casinos and great entertainment.
 The view from Sheraton Hotel

Haha look at the screen on my face ;D

While there, we went to the theater for the show "The House of Dancing Water". It was an incredibly spectacular and impressive way described the story of a fisherman, who was kidnapped during a storm to the magical land. I won't add anything more, just check the webside, I highly reccomend:
After this show we went on different one. Taboo - A Playful Cabaret Experience. Shortly this is an erotic byt very funny exclusive show. Sexy underwear and masks with glass of favouritte pink Moet - nice experience!
The interior of one of the shopping malls are decorated in the style of the streets in Venice. You may also be swim on gondola and gondolier sings to you a romantic song (it's rather an attraction for couples).

While in China, you can find rickshaws - they are special bike-taxi Driving mainly tourists around the city.
 During the rickshaw tour...

Don't forget to visit Temple. There are very common in China, but very specific for chinese culture. I was in Macau in oldest one in his city - A-MA Temple. You can pray there and light up an incenses.

I'm like the ghost!!! :)

I hope to see whole China one day. For now I'm very pleasure to be in Hongkong and I want to recomend both cities for everyone who wants to see oriental but alike modern and luxury place.


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