TRAVEL | Dubai, UAE (2014)

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About Dubai I can talk for an hours... Visiting this city was one of the top positions on my wish list since... since I remember.

It's been in 2004, when The Palm Jumeirah (The Palm Island) construction began. I was watching tv and I saw on Discovery channel some documential about Dubai. I was 14 years old this time. This topic started fascinating me that much, that for last 10 years I've following development of this city and subconsciously I was planning to visit Dubai one day. Now I'm 24 and finally it happened...

Dubai... In short way – the most luxurious things, places and lifestyle all over the world. It's worth mentioning, that Dubai was entering many times to Guinness World Records. My attention was catched by artificial islands along the coast in the Arabian Gulf.

Palm Jumeirah (Palm Island) was first project of island in Dubai. Except Palm Jumeirah Dubai have some other projects of islands like The World, Palm Jabel Ali or Palm Deira. On Palm Jumeirah are located exclusive apartments and houses just near to water. One of the attractions over there is magnificient Hotel Atlantis placed on the top of island.

The main symbol of Dubai is world's most luxurious hotel - Burj Al Arab, recalls the shape of sailboat. Hotel is placed on small island on water near to Jumeirah beach. On the top of build is landing pad for helicopter.

One of extremal entertainment of Dubai is desert safari. The Arab residents are able to use even sands areas so I couldn't miss it. Along with several other tourists I was taken to the one - hour jeep ride on a fairly high sand dunes located a few kilometers outside the city. The ride was very extreme ... The car drives up the steep mountain to in a moment unexpectedly slide down the firmly steep slope. This is not a ride for the faint hearted (or vulnerable stomach). There were some that just got out of the car with a green face and even vomited! Nevertheless - I loved it and I will repeat it once again! After an hour drive we arrived at the oasis in the middle of the desert. There took place arabic evening combined with dance shows and traditionall dinner.


I've visited four different shoping malls in Dubai. Each of them have some different attractions so it was nice variety of spending time.

Mall of the Emirates. The first of them (and in my opinion the most interesting). It is a shopping mall which is also the transition between the two hotels - the Kempinski and Sheraton. Mall of the Emirates impresses with its interior design, very clear arrangement of shops and also - an artificial ski lift inside. Even if someone doesn't want to go skiing - all can be seen from the window in front sitting at lunch.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah - this is not just a place for shopping but typical Arabian shopping center. Inside you can find stores with products typical for the Arab countries. The building has a very interesting architecture based on the traditional Arab style. Around the center flowing of an artificial river with a great view from the restaurant. Souk Madinat is also located very close to the Burj Al Arab, so view on the hotel - the sail is another advantage of this place.

Ah yes... in case someone badly needs gold :D

The Dubai Mall - no need to introduction ... The largest mall in the world in terms of area, located right next to another record - The most well known and tallest tower all over the world Burj Khalifa.  Before Burj Khalifa the world tallest structure ever built was Warsaw Radio Mast :) 
For crossing center at normal speed need for probably three days. Except stores, The Dubai Mall have huge aquarium isnide of build (similar one I saw in Istanbul),  real dinosaur skeleton and a huge fountain. For car fans, both inside and outside are posed the most exclusive cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley (although so frankly a lot of similar rides around the city). The main attraction of the evening is fountain show. It is a spectacular game of water, music and light surrounded the tallest building and largest shopping mall.

Another one is the Wafi. It is quite small, but architecturally interesting. Property is located next to the Raffles Hotel. The hotel is built in the shape of Egyptian pyramids and in harmony with the shopping mall is in the style of the Empire of Ancient Egypt. In the evenings, opposite the entrance it takes place the light show the so-called mapping.  I just came across a version of Christmas (I was there just before Christmas), and I was delighted ....

For lovers of skyscrapers and pleasant walks is the Marina Walk. It is a very long path designed for walkers (or admirers jogging). Marina walk starts at the public marina yachts and boats. It is a place located near the cluster of the most interesting skyscrapers of Dubai, which is Infinity Tower ("twisted" skyscraper), Princess Tower, JW Mariott (the tallest hotel in the world). Marina Walk is also a great place to getaway for lunch or dinner - along the path there are a whole lot of different foreign restaurants (I hope that it will soon also open Polish)!

Villa in Emirates Hills. Dubai also has its district modeled on the American Beverly Hills, which is a private and well-kept residence district. It is one of the wealthiest housing estates in the whole of Dubai. All houses have a swimming pool. Some owners cares about the external image through beautiful exposition of exclusive cars in the driveways. It makes nice view... For Emirates Hills area have access only the residents of the villa and service. Each entry into the area is properly recorded ... The estate is surrounded by golf courses and artificial lakes.

Another elite place is the Yaht Club. As in the case Emirates Hills - entry into are only for the yaht owners  and employees. Cruise around Palm is one of fulfilled dreams ...

ATTENTION! All photos are mine. If you want to use them, please ask me first!


  1. Dubaj postawił się dobrze i na mapie świata w ostatniej dekadzie jako jeden z najlepszych miejsc do odwiedzenia.
    Zwiedzanie Dubaju i zwiedzanie wspaniałego miasta jest doświadczenie życia jako że jest tak wiele miejsc do odwiedzenia i rzeczy do zrobienia w Dubaju.

    1. Zdecydowanie się zgadzam! Fascynujące jest to że wracając tam po 2-3 latach, można zobaczyć wiele nowych (i robiących wrażenie) atrakcji, gdyż miasto tak szybko się rozbudowuje... :)

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    1. Hi John! I've heard that cars in general are not that expensive there. Of course probably not exclusive brands, but Jeep, KIA etc.

  3. The one best thing in this post is Gold Machine.

    1. I have to say that to me Gold Machine was a real attraction when I saw it first time :)

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