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TRAVEL | Lima, Peru - food art to try

Peru like many countries around, has a lot of different things to offer. Everyoe recall this country mainly from Machu Picchu, but here I'm gonna focus just on peruvian cuisine and Lima - the capital.

Let me start from the thing which I learned from wealthier society from Latin America: Peru is not only the basin for old Incas culture and sightseeing, but it's a weekend getaway for wealthy people from Latin America just to eat, and eat well.

The cuisine of Peru I would call fusion. It's like that because of many immigrants from different nations, who used local products and applied it into combinations they know. The result is beautiful (just like the esthetic of japanese dishes) and tasty (but very different that I used to know before I tried). What really impressed me was the amount of different types of potatoes from sweet to salty and from white to burgundy. Same with the corn. In general the taste combinations and structure of food are very unexpected.
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