Tuesday, 11 April 2017

TRAVEL | The magic of Budapest, Hungary

Before getting there, I was expecting great, but not incredibly much. In the end I found Budapest as a one of the most impressive cities of EU. If you want to see some mystery places and enjoy architecture and classical music, follow my trip :)

The trip was more than one year ago (Feb 2016) but still I like to recall it, especially because it's been our first trip after engagement. Going there we took from Cracow (Poland) overnight international train with bedrooms. It was very cosy, we had 1st class bedroom with snacks and drinks. I would love to repeat train experience :)
In Budapest there is a several very best luxury hotels and in one of them we stopped. The name is Corinthia Hotel Budapest and it's very in style of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Luxury, marvellous and with great service who was spoiling us :) I already need to recommend their Sunday brunch.
Corinthia Hotel Budapest hall

Welcome gift from Corinthia

hotel spa

Definitelly must place to visit is Hungarian State Opera House (Magyar Allami Operahaz). We went there for classical music concert. In another one - Erkel Theatre Budapest, we went for modern adaptation of La Traviata. Nothing better than sharing the experience :)

In the Hungarian State Opera House

For food experience:

  • Bock Bisztro - local, hungarian cuisine with incredible "Bizzare" ice cream selection for dessert (wasabi, sausage, tobacco)
  • Brasserie and Atrium - Sunday brunches in Corinthia Hotel with the best variety of food with traditional hungarian folklore show
hungarian floklore show
  • Cafe New York Budapest - very luxury and decorative restaurant in reinassance style nearby New York Palace hotel with hungarian and austrian style food.

  • Wasabi Sushi & Wok - running sushi in boats. Great variety and innovative food
that was a coffee :)

In general, in Budapest there is so many great restaurants for any budget that it could be difficult to list all of the places. Maybe after next time in there :)

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For some of the photos all credits to my fiance.

I wear:

shoes - Badura
wollen hat - Mohito
coat with fur - no name
silver coat - Simple CP
little black purse - no name
leather gloves - no name

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

LIFESTYLE | The best of 2016

Recently passed year 2016 was definitelly amazing to me. The things I achevied already opened new chapter in my life.
Every year I do some kind of evaluation of  the year and this is resume what happened in 2016:

The year started in New York in such a glamorous way (the link to post about New York: http://eldoorado.blogspot.cl/2016/02/christmas-in-new-york.html and http://eldoorado.blogspot.cl/2015/12/new-years-eve-2016.html )
 I got engaged (the post is comming!!!), I travelled somewhere almost every month and I did my first luxury cruise (also - posts are comming soon), I get very great friendship and started new project for future. I also improved another language - español and my health (again - post about healthy and fit tips is comming!). Up to now I've been in 24 countries with plans for more. But actually these are just a few of things I've done. The year has 365 days and each of little moments shared with my friends and family made whole time very happy and full of joy. I'm grateful for everything...

New Years Eve 2017 I spent with my beloved and his very nice friends and french champagne (new NYE tradition). It was so much fun with a lot of sparklings...
In the end I always believe that next year 2017 is going to be even better. Keep following ;)

Check out my Christmas 2016 video:

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

REVIEW | Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

My bag was made in France in 2007 but I purchased it preloved. According to history, Speedy 25 (this specific size) was made for Audrey Hepburn in 1965.

Quality and Condition
 It wasn't use in extreme conditions like being overpacked, exposed to the sun or scratch but it was definitelly using without being "babied". For such a time I have to say that the Speedy looks incredibly well and beautiful. On the canvas there is no scratches and the bag keep it's shape. I can say that the quality feels very well and even it's 9 years old bag, still feels better than any brand new bag with middle range brand. I think the age vs. condition of my Speedy says enough about very high quality of Louis Vuitton bags.

It's already well-known fact that prices of most wanted bags are going up. My bag I got preloved (9 years old). As I know the bag I have in 2007 was around 540$ and now it's 950$. For the quality even the bag is preloved, still holds it's value and it's completely woth it!

Speedy was designed as a every day version of Louis Vuitton Keepall bag. It comes with size 25, 30, 35, 40. I choosed 25, because I'm not so tall. For the smallest version, I was surprised how much I can fit!  You can see it on my video "What's in my bag":

I use ths bag for every day, casually but not when I do big shopping or more hands-required tasks. It fits really a lot, even more than it looks so I never have a problem with holding my stuffs. I wear it in the crock of my arm or in hand and for this size is pretty okay. If I would have bigger Speedy, I would go for Bandouliere version with extra stripe. For my lifestyle and body size (yes I'm petite one), Speedy 25 is definitelly perfect.

The hardware is pretty strong in gold coulour. They don't really get scratches which is great. The Monogram's bags have always patina leather, which in years get oxydate and the result of that is more and more brown colour. I really enjoy to watch this process in time.

This bag is definitelly a classic piece with a great, long history. From all LV bags I think Speedy is the most iconic one. I would definitelly recommend Speedy. I enjoy fully to take the bag with me. On the market there is enough sizes with option Bandouliere in Monogram or Damier that everyone can find the perfect one for itself.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

TRAVEL | The elegance of Madrid

Going to Madrid I didn't had any specific expectations. If someone is talking about Spain - the first I hear is Ibiza, Barcelona, Tenerife, Mallorca and (maybe) afterwards Madrid.

Surprisingly (or maybe not) this city made a great impression on me. Royal kind of architecture plus calm atmosphere (in compare to Barcelona Madrid seems to be much more quiet).

Good thing about Madrid is weather - in winter is possible to just wear light fancy fur without being too much covered :)

My favourite places to be:

  • Parque del Retiro - for yogging, walking, picnic, boats or any other relaxing activities

Up: in Parque Retiro - coat: Simple CP evening collection AW 2015-16
Down: Parque Retiro (Museo Prado side)

My favouritte eat/drink stations:

  • Mercado San Miguel - the best caviar with vodka!!!
  • La Rotonda - the most beautiful luxury bar (I love there)
  • Dray Martina - restaurant with exellent breakfasts (dinners too)

Left - Dray Martina dessert;  Right - La Rotonda salud

My favouritte activities:

  • Parque de Atraccones - Nickelodeon world full of rollercoasters!!! My style...

Pictures done by my R. - my beloved man and also amazing photographer

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

TRAVEL | Patagonia in luxury (Chile + Argentina)

Trip to PATAGONIA (main part in south of Chile and Argentina) I did in October 2015. It was also my first trip to South America.
Shortly - very unique landscapes full of icebergs, sharp mountains, condors (the biggest bird in the world) and guanicoe. One of the places to be before die. This is not typical luxury destination - more for high-level backpacking in kind of basic style. How come for me it was luxury?

Let's start from James Bond style hotel with full luxury in the middle of nowhere (meaning far from big civilisation). My fiance took me to Puerto Natales where is hotel Singular Patagonia. The hotel was transformed from old factory into loft style huge hotel with all convenience . Inside we had an access to spa with outside warm pool, fancy and cosy restaurant, private tour guide, art exhibition/museum inside and finally room with panoramic wall-window.
Puerto Natales - lake

View from room window

 Jeeps for hotel guests

 Bar/restaurant full of leather and wood.

Torres Del Paine (Chile) - National Park full of  monumental rocks, icebergs, lakes and animals like guanaco, condors, nandu, pumas and flamingos.

Landscape in Torres del Paine

Lakes with different color each. It is caused by different minerals. 

 Beautiful rainbow near waterfall!

Luxury hotel in the middle of lake!

Perito Moreno (Argentina) - HUGE iceberg in National Park Los Glaciares.

 Total iceberg is MUCH bigger than it seems on picture

 The North Face style :)

Another important city was Punta Arenas, Chile. Exactly there Fernando Magellan crossed  - STRAIT OF MAGELLAN. You can find there even Museum Nao Victoria with rekonstruction of his ship (incredibly tiny for such a long journey).

Also - one of the most beautiful cementaris in the world (yes - cementary!!!) named Cementerio Municipal.

It was so unique and fascinating trip. I always wanted to spend some time with naturę in cosy poncho and simplicity but luxury and it was like that. For sure I'd like to come back there one day.

Thank you so much for reading!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

TRAVEL | Georgia, Qobuleti (Guide for Employment; YE project)

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say I'm a Dreamer
But I'm not the only one...
John Lennon "Imagine"

Young people, representatives of 10 countries of EU and EECA met in beautiful Georgia to discuss aboout unemployment in their countries and think about solving the problem. One of the results is handicraft business.

About Georgia does not say as much as Western-European countries. This is one of the places where certainly every fan of architecture, luxury and on the other hand, modest life and the beautiful nature will find something for themselves. My first impression was a kind of a shock that this beautiful state is so modest in terms of promoting itself. Compared to the prices in the popular and famous tourist destinations of Western Europe, Georgia seems much more economically and qualitatively "more upscale" with not so huge amount of tourists and really beautiful views.

My purpose of the journey was the project. In total, we spent more than a week to develop solutions and to discuss self-employment. It was extremely important and inspiring time. Besides the host country - Georgia, an ideal place for the theme of the project.

Our hotel was in Kobuleti. The only thing I can say about this town is that there is not going to be for the sights and crazy holidays. It is a typical summer resort where you can relax and take a break from noise surrounded by nature. 

Beach in Kobuleti, Georgia

Not so far away also on the seaside there is one of biggest cities in Georgia - Batumi. There you can find very nice entertainment and incredible monuments. Definitelly must are:
Batumi Boulevard connected with Miracle Parc with monuments: Ali and Nino (love monument which moves in certain time), Alphabetic Tower, Chacha Tower and more...

Very good atraction for short time visits is Argo Cable Car which takes people on top of mountain and from there is possible to see whole Batumi.

Batumi Europe Square:

Comming back to project...
Our finall presentation was done in Elementary School in Kobuleti. Activities presented for children made a lot of fun for everyone.

I would like to highly recommend YE projects for all students in EU and also visiting Georgia. This is another dream place not so many people have an idea about :)

Big thanks for reading,

Special thanks to:

Magda Gajdzińska and Fundacja Inicjatyw Społecznych
Ani Kokhtashvili & Goha 
Leaders and all participants of Georgia, Belarus, Azerbejan, Ukraine, Macedonia, Armenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain 
all supporting organisations
polish team: Beata, Monika, Karolina, Ola (girls you rocks)

DISCLAIMER: If you are interested to use pictures from my blog, ASK FIRST. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

TRAVEL | Mallorca Dream

It was a birthday of me, 10th of July last year. After the day of receiving wishes a friend of mine called me with offer to go to Mallorca.
The next days we were sitting in plane.

The island, in general is not typical party place like Ibiza. Except cities like Palma De Mallorca or Magaluf you will find mostly calm, beautiful towns for families or retired owners of nice yahts.

We spend our time in Cala d'Or and Palma de Mallorca. It was a lot of joy and adventures.

Yaht Club in Cala d'Or